Nilpeter MO4 Ref 608

Nilpeter MO4  From 2011 Width: 420mm 1 x Infeed Unit1 x Flexo Unit (Can be used for screen or flexo)5 x Offset Units1 x Rhino System1 x Offset Unit1 x Flexo Unit (Normally for varnish)2 x Die cutting1 x Rewind UnitCorona TreatmentGEW Lamps Comes with Sleeves Z175,...

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Codimag Viva 340 Ref 636

Codimag Viva 340 Offset   From 2004 Web width: 340mmPrint width: 330mm 5 x Offset units1 x Letterpress unit1 x Rotary foil1 x Flexo unit1 x Rotary screen1 x Die cutting unit1 x Rotary embossing unit8 x IST UV units1 x Waste rewinder and lay-on roller1 x Back...

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Shiki FX10 Ref 542

Shiki FX10  From 2004 1 Unwind unit1 Splice table1 Ace web cleaner5 Offset printing units with UV drying1 Flexo printing unit1 Semi rotary die cutting unit with magnet cylinder1 Matrix rewind1 BST video camera1 Rewind shafts Print format 254 mm x 254 mm with...

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Nilpeter MO3300 Ref 489

Nilpeter MO3300 Details:1 Unwind unit1 M platforms (can be used for flexo, screen and hotfoil)5 MO platforms (can be used for offset, flexo, screen and hotfoil)2 M platforms (can be used for flexo, screen and hotfoil)1 Rotary Die cutting section1 Main electrical...

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Nilpeter MO3300 Ref 635

Nilpeter MO3300 Year 1999 Non stop unwind Buffer Infeed 2 x Vetaphone M platform with de/re lam Turner bar 6 MO Platforms 1 M Platform 1 Laminating unit, can be used for cold foil 1 Die cutting unit with nip and gap master 1 Non stop waste disposal 1 Non stop rewind...

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Nilpeter MO3300 Ref 414

Nilpeter MO3300   1 Unwind unit1 Infeed1 M platform (can be used for flexo, screen and hotfoil)6 MO platforms (can be used for flexo, screen, hotfoil and offset)1 M platform  (can be used for flexo, screen and hotfoil)2 Die cutting unit1 Non stop waste rewind1...

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